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MANUSCRIT. HOURS (for use in Paris)....

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[MANUSCRIT]. [HOURS (for use in Paris)].
Fragment of a book of hours (for the use of Paris), including a complete calendar
In French and Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment
Western France, Loire Valley, Touraine (?), ca. 1470-1480 39 ff, preceded and followed by three paper endpapers, bastard writing in brown ink, text on 14 lines, parchment ruled in pale red (justification : 86 x 54 mm), headings in blue, blue and dark red endpapers with gilt highlights, numerous small initials in gold on dark red or blue backgrounds with gilt decoration of foliage or acanthus, larger initials of the same type (2 lines high)
Bound in full brown chagrin, spine with 4 nerves, triple cold fillet framing the boards, marbled paper endpapers and counterguards, gilt edges. Dimensions : 192 x 125 mm.
Elegant calendar and excerpts from a book of hours for use in Paris, with a decoration reminiscent of the Loire productions of the last quarter of the 15th century, notably the Hours bound in Tours and Angers.
Text ff. 1-12v, Calendar (composite universal use), blue, red and gold ink, in French (on the composite calendar see Perdrizet, Le calendrier parisien à la fin du moyen âge...Paris, 1933; Drigsdhal,
Let us point out the following saints, several to be linked to Touraine and western France, but let us recall that the calendar generally follows the so-called "Paris composite": St. Stephen (four times, blue, January 2; blue, August 2; gold, August 3; gold, December 26), St. Julian (gold, January 27, cite the Church of St. Julian in Tours), St. Robert (gold, April 24), St. Nicholas (twice, gold, May 9; gold, December 6), St. Augustine (twice, gold, May 27; blue, August 28), St. Eloi (twice, gold, June 25; gold, 1 December, there is a priory of St. Eloi in Tours), St. Louis, king of France (gold, 25 August, St. Louis raised the cathedral of Tours in 1236 after it was destroyed by fire), St. Gatien (gold, 23 October, the cathedral of St. Gatien in Tours is mentioned), St. Martin (gold, 11 November, the patron saint of the city of Tours, the Basilica of St. Martin in Tours is mentioned).
ff. 13-25v, excerpts from matins of the Hours of the Virgin according to Paris usage (missing the first leaf introducing matins of the Hours of the Virgin; missing the end of matins of the Hours of the Virgin), with hymn, "O quam glorifica luce..." (fol. 15); Lectio .i., "Surge beatissima virgo..." (fol. 21).
ff. 26-39, excerpts from the lauds of the Hours of the Virgin according to the use of Paris (the first leaf introducing the lauds of the Hours of the Virgin is missing; the end of the lauds of the Hours of the Virgin is missing), with antiphon, "Benedicta tu..." (fol. 35v) and capitularies of the Hours of the Virgin. (fol. 35v) and capitula, "Te laudant..." (fol. 35v); announcement of the Hours of the Cross, final rubric, "De sancta cruce". Fol. 39v is blank.
Azure, a paschal lamb passant argent holding a guidon, between two mullets Or, one to the dexter, one to the base.

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