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Set of three charters relating to the acensement by Jehan Coppechol, religious of Saint-Rémy-de-Lunéville, of lands near Foulcrey (Moselle).
In French, deeds on parchment, brown ink, green wax hanging seals preserved (3 seals), in good condition (some missing but coat of arms preserved), deeds folded, some flaws to the parchment but generally easy to read.
France, Lunéville, dated respectively: June 26, 1485, second deed of the same date June 26, 1485, July 31, 1486.
Dimensions : (1) June 26, 1485: 315 x 135 mm; (2) June 26, 1485: 230 x 182 mm; (3) July 31, 1486: 235 x 185 mm.
An acensement refers to the concession (usually quite long, or even perpetual) of the enjoyment of land, for example, in return for a fee, the cens.
The seal is that of the Duke of Lorraine (court of Lunéville), with the mention as follows: "[...] are these letters sealed with the seal of my lord the duke of his court of Luneville, except for his right and the others...". The castle of Luneville has been a residence of the Dukes of Lorraine since the 13th century, first occasionally and then officially from the 18th century. In 1485/1486, the Duke of Lorraine was René II of Lorraine, son of Yolande d'Anjou.
Obiit Clara Brechten mater nostra prechara [...]
Obiit Margareta van Plettenberch [...]
Obiit Rotcherus Brechten pater noster dilectus
Bernardi, patris nostri.

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