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1958 RENAULT 4CV Serial number 3515828 Very nice condition Popular and attractive French registration The famous Renault 4CV was designed by Fernand Picard and Edmond Serre in secret and clandestinely during the war. It was officially presented in October 1946 during the 33rd Paris Motor Show. The lack of raw materials did not allow production until August 1947. At that time it took more than a year to be delivered. It was a small car in absolute terms but its interior was spacious. The advertising at the time made this car attractive and affordable: "4 CV, 4 doors, 4 seats, 444,000 francs". Built until 1961 with mechanical and aesthetic evolutions, it was the first French car to exceed one million units. Emblematic of "France on 4 wheels", the 4cv is part of history. The car presented is a type R1062 registered on 17/07/1958. The dashboard is the last version released in 1956. It is probably the original engine with 21 HP for 750 cm3. The sheet metal is very healthy and looks very good. The tyres are recent with white sidewalls. The paint has been redone recently, it's well stretched and is a pleasure for the eyes. The odometer shows a little over 80,000 km, it is likely that this is the original mileage.

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