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ROLLS ROYCE CORNICHE CABRIOLET 1980 Serial number DRL50585C Nice presentation Many recent charges French registration The Corniche cabriolet is a monument of the automobile. The most expensive car in the world at the time is still today a sumptuous vessel with a grace and elegance that modern cars can envy. The level of equipment and the contemporary lines make it a car that has propelled itself straight into the 21st century without any difficulty, on the contrary. In 1977, the car was redesigned as the Corniche II. As far as bumpers are concerned, rubber and rubber replaced some of the chrome, the aluminium radiator was replaced and an oil cooler was added. ABS has been standardised. Among the changes, the rims have been re-styled. The seat design has been changed. The dashboard has been redesigned and the instrument panel has a boss above the panel. This Rolls-Royce Corniche was registered in 1980 in the USA and is of course powered by the famous in-house V8 engine. French for several years, with its French collector's registration, although its American history is unknown, the car has numerous maintenance invoices on French soil (nearly 7500 euros for the last three years: servicing, repair of seat locks, replacement of the steering rack, replacement of the starter, gearbox revision... ). The light brown interior looks very good, as does the alpaca bonnet and bonnet cover! The road handling is smooth and light, a real rolling yacht!

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