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1968 CITROËN DS 21M CABRIOLET Series 4488583 Engine 0662025416 DY3 French Registration Card In 1958, Henri Chapron, a French car body shopper, was chosen by Citroën to design and manufacture the factory convertible. His creations will become collector’s items. The factory convertible followed the technical evolution of the sedan, and existed in version DS 19 (1960-1965), DS 21 (1965-1971) and DS 21 electronic injection (1969-1970). If the Citroën DS sedan represented from 1955 the top of the French range in the minds of all, what then of its convertible version? At last his versions! That said, whether in unofficial versions (Croisette, Caddy, Palm Beach or Cabriolet, produced 236 copies between 1958 and 1972) or in «factory» version, all the DS convertibles worthy of interest were manufactured by one and the same «constructor»: Henri Chapron. It was Chapron’s «unofficial» achievements that put Citroën on the path of an official version, integrated into the range and distributed by the network. Two years after the Croisette and Cabriolet, Citroën launched the DS Cabriolet (in August 1960) and its less «technological» ID version. At its launch, the DS 19 Cab has the 4-cylinder 1.9-liter 75 hp, while the ID receives an identical but less powerful engine (63 hp), but very quickly, both models received the same engine developing 83 hp. The ID19 Cabriolet will be withdrawn from the catalogue in 1965, while the DS will continue to be produced until 1971, gradually receiving engine upgrades: in 1965, the DS 21 (109 hp then 115 hp in 1968) replaces the DS 19, then will receive electronic injection in 1969 bringing the power to 123 hp. Stylistically, the DS convertible will receive the same evolutions as the sedan, receiving notably in 1968 the new headlights. Despite the Citroën label and the distribution within the brand’s network of chevrons, the DS and ID Cabriolets will only be produced 1365 units. It must be said that the passage to an outside body shop inflates the prices, almost twice the price of the sedan. Suffice to say that it was already expensive at the time! Today you will be presented with a splendid convertible built on the basis of the «factory» convertibles, by an unknown car body shopper. The car is in good condition outside. The interior is complete and the upholstery is new. Coming from a DS 21 sedan, the work is rigorous, extremely respectful of the authenticity of the DS convertibles. It will deserve at least, a cleaning of canopy cloth. A great opportunity to treat yourself to the mythical convertible DS for a reduced price.

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