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CITROEN 2CV 6 _From germany _Never registered _378 km The Citroën 2 CV, more colloquially «deudeuche» or «two legs», is undoubtedly the most representative of the popular French cars. His long career spanned between 1948 and 1990, producing more than 5 million copies. In 1935, Michelin, a French tyre manufacturer, bought Citroën. Pierre Boulanger, the new boss, has the idea of creating a car for the social classes of the rural world and low income, the primary concern being to allow the parent company Michelin to increase its tyre activity. Inspired by a survey of a targeted audience, sent to several thousand copies throughout the territory, Boulanger writes the precise and draconian specifications, defining the project "TPV" ("any small car"): with four seats, 50 kg of transportable luggage, 2 tax CVs, front-wheel drive, 60 km/h in top speed, three-speed gearbox, easy to maintain, with a suspension allowing to cross a ploughed field with a basket of eggs without breaking a single one, and consuming only 3 liters per 100 kilometers! It must be easy to drive, by a beginner or a woman. And above all, no ostentatious signs. The advertising slogan "4 wheels under 1 umbrella " of the end of the 60’s, summarizes rather well the general spirit of what the boss expected. The project is hidden from the Germans during the war and on October 7, 1948, at the Motor Show, Citroën presents the 2 CV type A almost definitive. It is not yet available and it is not possible to see what is hidden under the hood. She is highly criticized by the press who did not appreciate the silence of the firm around her project. Despite this, the audience is more enthusiastic. A joke is launched: "Do you get a can opener with it?". In 1949, just before the opening of the Paris Motor Show, it was received by the Mining Department and designated "Type A" (like the POS in 1939). The production of the 2 CV type A begins then, with a single model and only one color available. Symbol of an era, but also of a certain art of living, the 2 CV integrates all generations and all social classes. Abroad, the 2 CV represents a certain image of «classic France», with the wand and the Eiffel Tower. The 2 CV marked its time and became a myth of the automobile and the industry. The 2CV we present to you has simply never been registered. This German 2CV6 club version has a tasty history. It was bought new in 1990 by a German collector on the occasion of the birth of his son. The project was to pass on his passion for cars, and offer him the car for his 18th birthday. Unfortunately, mayonnaise doesn’t come between the wire and the mechanics, and at the age of 18, the son is more interested in computers than in connecting rods and pistons… The 2CV will therefore remain between four walls for another 13 years, when the son decides to sell the car, his father having gone to the paradise of chevrons. The few kilometres marked on his meter are those travelled in the family property, during which the father tried to inoculate his son with the virus. The car was stored for 31 years. It is not necessary to explain its condition, the car is new! Recognizable by its vertical black bands under the doors, its glass windshield washer jar, its rear fog lamps or even its layer of anti-gravel, this 2CV of German origin, which explains the round headlights is an opportunity not to be missed to offer a legend of the automobile, as output of the factory. This car will carry the year of its first release into circulation 31 years after its release from the factory!

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