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1929 BUGATTI 43 A ROADSTER PS 8-cylinder compressor of the mythical 35B French Carte Grise Top of the range pre-war car Eligible for all major pre-war events _Very dynamic club The Bugatti 43 A we present to you came out of the Argentinean Pur-Sang factories in the early 2000s. It is therefore already about 20 years old. This Argentinean factory has been specialised for several decades in the recreation of legendary pre-war models. The model we present to you has the particularity of having a registration card with the serial number 43260, which corresponds to a Bugatti 43 model. One must take into consideration the work involved in recreating a pre-war car from scratch, most often using the same techniques as those used in the Molsheim factory nearly 100 years ago. This makes it possible, for a "reasonable" budget, to enjoy these excellent cars and to share the road with the more expensive ones that were born in the factory. In the 1920s, this type of car was only available to a very small circle of privileged people. To own a Bugatti 43 in 1929 in France was quite simply to have the fastest sports car in France. The bodywork of this Roadster is an original Argentine thoroughbred design and not a copy of the factory bodywork. Bugatti "Matching Numbers" fans will have to admit it, it dresses the 43 chassis to perfection. Please note that the soft top will have to be replaced. The car was serviced by Bugatti specialist Frédéric Novo just before its purchase in 2017. It has participated in several events, including some of d the Club Bugatti France for a total of about 4000km driven without any problems thanks to a rigorous maintenance by its owner (new dynamo, gearbox revision,...) Our visual inspection showed that the car is in good condition and regularly maintained. The owner recently did a rally in the south of France and told us that the car was running perfectly. We took the passenger seat for a few kilometres and the car behaved well, the gears shift well, the acceleration of the compressed 8-cylinder engine is strong and you can feel that it just wants to go higher in the rpm. Braking is efficient thanks to new brake linings. Oil pressure and water temperature are stable and at recommended values.

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