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1935 CITROËN CABRIOLET 7C Series 00063301 Engine 320510 - Factory convertible French registration André Citroën's brand has always distinguished itself in Europe as a populist brand, always making a point of not copying its competitors and favouring innovation. The "Traction" is the first real example of these mechanical innovations that revolutionised the daily life of French drivers. It may make you smile nowadays, but offering a mass-produced, accessible car with the particularity of having the front wheels, and not the rear, driven was revolutionary at the time. It was the flexibility, versatility and handling rather than the sportiness that made this car so interesting. In addition, most traction cars had a monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and independent suspension. The traction car was produced from 1934 to 1957, and came in many generations, often with radically different designs. Our example is in superb condition. The cabriolet is of a rare elegance, with a blue dress, in contrast with its beige canvas top. The beige upholstery is in perfect condition. The chrome and the wheels matching the paint are also sublime. The model offered is indeed an authentic Traction cabriolet. Our road test was conclusive, the rides in this cabriolet where you take your time are a real pleasure. It is ready to take to the road. All the on-board instrumentation is functional. The beautiful spider is just waiting to be occupied. Beautiful rides in perspective for the spring.

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