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RARE SOUVENIR OF KING LOUIS XVI Historical and charming small gilded copper box, with lock with the royal figure with four pennants. Chiseled, engraved and cut out lid, with lock entrance and its key. The four sides finely engraved with flowering vases. The four sides are finely engraved with flowering vases, and are supported by four round feet. Opened, it presents in the hinged lid, a fine blued steel lock with four pennants formed by two facing "L" and cut foliage. Length : 7,3 cm x 4,7 cm x ht. 4.2 cm. With its tiny oval daylight key, round stem. Accompanied by a handwritten note in pen " Box of which Louis XVI made the key and the lock. Sold by Mr. Le chevalier de Thiery. Herewith the receipt. P.Margry. » and the receipt: "I recognize to have received from Mr Margry the sum of forty francs (...) receipt. Paris this 2 March 1866. The Chevalier de Thiery. » Real piece of mastery. History : King Louis XVI had various workshops installed in his Versailles castle, including one dedicated to locksmithing, a discipline he was passionate about. He made locks, boxes but also keys and locks. Nicolas Gamain, locksmith of the King's buildings, was one of his teachers. Biography : Pierre MARGRY (1818-1894) French historian and archivist. He began his career as an archivist at the Ministry of the Navy and the Colonies in 1844 and later became assistant curator at the National Archives. Through his patient work in transcribing manuscripts, he rescued from oblivion the great French adventurers of the 17th and 18th centuries, such as René-Robert Cavelier de LaSalle, Henri de Tonti, Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville and Pierre Gaultier de Varennes and de La Vérendrye. As for the chevalier de Thiery, he could be related to Marc-Antoine Thierry, baron de Ville-d'Avray, intendant of the Garde Meuble at the end of the Royality.

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