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THE CHEVALIER D'EON Set of twenty...

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THE CHEVALIER D'EON Set of twenty six envelopes and fragments of envelopes addressed to the Chevalière d'Eon (rue de Grenelle and rue Bourbon, in Paris, in Versailles, in Tonnerre) with armorial wax seals. One attaches a decree of the Grand Chamber of the Parliament relating to the widow of Messire de CHARNIERE. 29 pages (1783) Charles de Beaumont, knight of Eon (1728-1810) Secret agent of Louis XV, he successfully accomplished - according to the tradition, under a female disguise - a secret mission in Russia (1755), where he was secretary of embassy (1757-1759). As minister plenipotentiary in London (1763), he maintained a confidential political correspondence with the king. He left Memoirs (Loisirs du chevalier d'Éon, 1774).

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