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Rare complete collection - ROUBILLE - "Le Musée de Sires, Gueulerie contemporaine". Complete set of 13 lithographic posters in color, individually mounted in natural wood frame. P., Arnaud et Cie, [1900], frame size: (13 x) 68 x 53 cm; poster: (13 x) 64 x 49 cm (qqs restorations and angular misses; good condition overall except for the plate of the "Prince of Wales" whose left margin is chipped with misses). Rare complete collection of 13 satirical posters by Auguste Roubille (1872-1955), who contributed to many satirical magazines of the time, including "L'Assiette au Beurre", "Cocorico", "Le Sourire" and "Le Rire". Caricatures of Queen Victoria, Sir Paul Kruger, Kaiser William II, Tsar Nicholas II, Abdul Hamid II (The Red Sultan), Emile Loubert (President of France), King Umberto of Italy, the Prince of Wales, King Clepold II of Belgium [sic], the Shah of Persia, Tze-Chi (Empress of China), King Oscar II of Sweden, and Franz Josef II (Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire)