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Serial number 5009603 Fully restored - Original Motobecane delivery French registration At the end of the Second World War, Citroën became one of the main players in the economic reconstruction of France, alongside Renault, with the firm intention of transporting the majority of the population in a short time. It was before the war that the Paris-Javel-based firm worked to replace its famous TUB, which was getting old and had a few defects to correct. Unveiled to the general public in 1948, the Type H quickly became the 2CV of the craftsman. Compact and with a very interesting loading capacity, it quickly became indispensable to many professionals in all categories, but also to the police and rescue teams. To save time and money, the H uses many elements from other Citroën vehicles in the catalogue: the front axle from the Traction 15/6, the engine and gearbox from the Traction 11/B and the headlights from the 2CV. The thin corrugated sheet metal body gives the van a reduced weight and thus increases the GVW of the van. It was produced in just under 500,000 units until 1981, without Citroën having to do much advertising, as Type H owners praised the merits of their vans themselves. This Type H left the factory in 1967 and has been completely restored, both aesthetically and mechanically, respecting the original "Motobécane" livery on the bodywork. Mechanically, this van has been entirely revised to start at a quarter of a turn; all the dashboard elements as well as the mechanical 4-speed gearbox are working. Aesthetically, the paint in the colors of the moped brand is a refreshment of its former paint; and gives a lot of brightness to the Type H. Delivered with a Motobécane Cady inside the vehicle, it is ready to travel the roads of France.