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Serial number 03FD1464 Little sister of the DS - Nice appearance French registration When the DS was introduced in 1955, it was a "revolutionary" car, with a clean slate from the past. For once, this overused term was not abused in the face of the absolute innovation that this gifted Citroën demonstrated. During its 20-year career, this exceptional avant-garde car was marketed at the price of an "ordinary" model. In fact, it is an unlimited edition prototype! The DS is an extraordinary car and benefits from the evolutions over time. After the appearance of grilles on the front wings (in 1960) to improve engine cooling, the car found its second appearance in September 1962 with the first aesthetic touch-up to its bow: in this case, a modification to its fairing and the integration of rubber bumpers. At the end of 1967, as it entered its twelfth year, the DS changed its face for the last time to better perpetuate its legend. A legend that has stood the test of time, as the masterpiece from the Quai de Javel remained a benchmark in the market for large European road cars until its withdrawal in 1975, 20 years after its birth. The last generation of the DS was characterised by its "third type" face. It was unveiled at the 1967 Paris Motor Show, where Citroën surprised visitors with a new line. More than a redesign, it was a complete reworking of the front end that did not alter the car's aesthetics. Citroën is to be congratulated for respecting and preserving the original line of the DS. Its modernised face gives the DS a new dimension by gratifying it with the suggestive and almost worrying expression of a wild beast ready to attack. As the DS's little sister, the ID and then the D Super had almost all the same technical features as their big sister. Aesthetically identical, apart from a few details that only purists will be able to notice, the D Super also uses the same engine as the DS 21: a 2.2 litre 4-cylinder engine, which will be coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox on this model. The reigning sovereigns of the road car category from the end of the 1950s to the mid-1970s, the DS, ID and D Super remain today cars of remarkable modernity and ingenuity from which many of today's manufacturers are still inspired. The D Super we present to you is in the mouse grey colour specific to the DS of the time, with a cabin in remarkable condition, this real living room on wheels is equipped here with brown leather upholstery of the most beautiful effect and invites to a long journey comfortably installed in the front or in the back of the car with a lot of space and luminosity. We find the typical DS dashboard and the single-sided steering wheel. Mechanically, our car is as good as its predecessor and our road test showed a reliable car, which starts without any problem and is appreciably quiet. The hydraulic suspensions will need to be checked to ensure that the car is running smoothly, as will the electronic rev counter. This is a real memory machine that we offer for sale, a car that has a history with any classic car enthusiast who will appreciate the beautiful condition of our D Super.