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Chassis n° 46137 In the first coaches made by Chapron Old restoration - Coupe des Alpes 18hp 3 carburetor 3,2l engine French registration In the middle of the 1930's, any car that wanted to be fashionable had to be aerodynamic and each manufacturer had his own vision. Delahaye is a mythical name in French car history, because unlike the many popular manufacturers that flourished at that time, it specialized in luxury cars on the one hand, and in heavy commercial vehicles on the other. At the time, we can already speak of prestige vehicles, because Delahaye's strength is to offer vehicles that are as luxurious as they are efficient. The company managed to capture the market of Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Delage, notably thanks to the purchase of the sports car manufacturer in 1935. The strategy was a bold one, rather than adapting to the high demand for popular cars in these times of crisis, Delahaye preferred to specialise in prestigious vehicles then reserved for the elite. The brand became famous thanks to the 135, which was to become the French symbol of luxury and sportiness for a whole generation, as it came in many different body styles during its long career (1935-1952). The 135s are still described as masterpieces, both in terms of their lines and the quality of the materials used. The brand will manufacture many rolling chassis for renowned coachbuilders. The customers did not hesitate to create unique models representing the excesses and insolence of the luxury of that time, inspired by the American aesthetic. But Franay, Antem, Guilloré, Chapron, Letourneur and also Dubos remained faithful to the principles of the classic post-war European style and signed the most beautiful successes of DELAHAYE. The car offered for sale today has belonged to the same owner for over 30 years. He bought it from a certain Mr Robert, near Dourdan. It was entirely restored by him. It is one of the first coach models made by Chapron. The 6 cylinder, 3 carburettors 3,2 liters engine runs perfectly. The luxurious interior with its burr walnut dashboard takes us back to the 1930s and the Jaeger instrumentation is a delight for the eyes. The car is equipped with the Cotal gearbox, whose case alone is a splendid piece of workmanship. The beige leather upholstery shows a very slight patina, which goes divinely with the rest of the car. We thank the President of the Delahaye Club, Jean Paul Tissot for his kindness, his availability and his help concerning the history of this car.