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RONSARD (Pierre de).

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The Works of Pierre de Ronsard ]...]. À Paris, Chez Nicolas Buon, 1610 (for vol. I), A Paris, Chez Barthelemy Macé, 1609 (for vol. II), A Paris, Chez Nicolas Buon, 1609 (for vols. III to VI), A Paris, Chez Barthelemy Macé, 1609 (for vols. VII, VIII & IX), n.d. (for vol. X) and A Paris, Chez Barthelemy Macé, 1609 (for vol. XI). 11 parts in 5 volumes large in-16, red morocco, triple gilt fillet framing the boards, spine with nerfs decorated, gilt edges (Bernasconi & Goix) - (1) Les Oevvres de Pierre de Ronsard gentilhomme vandosmois Prince des poetes françois, reueues et augmentees. - (2) Les Odes ]... - (3) Les Qvatre premiers livres de la Franciade ]...]. - (4) Le Bocage royal ]...]. - (5) Les Eclogves et mascarades ]...]. - (6) The Elegies ]...]. - (7) The Hynnes ]...]. - (8) The Poems ]...]. - (9) Discovrs des miseres de ce temps ]...]. - (10) Epitaphs of various sviets ]... & - (11) Recveil des ]... pièces retranchees ]...]. An ornate title-frontispiece, engraved by Léonard GAULTIER, and thirteen portraits on wood at the head of the volumes, three of which are in the first volume, two in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and one in the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th. Washed copy; handwritten and wet-stamped bookplate on the title of the 9th part whose tomaison has been scratched.

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