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[ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT HOURS]. Late 15th century (circa 1480?) manuscript book of hours for use in Rome in a small 8° volume (125 x 180 mm), ivory vellum with covers, spine ribbed, gilt edges (pastiche binding of the early 20th c.). CHARACTERISTICS 147 ff. of vellum. Regulated copy. 21 lines per page. Text in Latin (except for the calendar in French), in brown and red ink (and in three colours for the calendar). CONTENTS - ff. 1 v° - 2 r°: continuation of the Gospel according to St. Matthew (9, 18-26) [first preliminary text added]; - f. 2 v°: eight lines of prayers from the Roman Breviary (second preliminary text added); - ff. 3 - 12 r°: calendar of the saints (in French); - ff. 13 - 16 r°: beginning of the Gospel according to St. John and continuation of the Gospels according to St. Luke, St. Matthew & St. Mark; - ff. 17 - 54 r° : prayers to God and to the Blessed Virgin; - ff. 55 - 63 : continuation of the prayers; - ff. 63 - 64 v° : litanies of the saints; - ff. 65 - 67 v° : continuation of the prayers; - ff. 68 - 89 r° : continuation of the prayers (with the Beatitudes); - ff. 90 - 91 v°: continuation of the prayers; - ff. 92 - 147 r°: continuation of the prayers to God, the Blessed Virgin and the archangels. ILLUSTRATIONS Five large miniatures: - f. 17: the Annunciation (accompanied by five small scenes or tableaus in frames); - f. 55: Bathsheba at the bath (accompanied by a floral and animal frame); - f. 68: the patron and his wife, facing three dead, at the foot of Calvary (a variant of the theme of the three dead and the three living) [accompanied by a floral and animal frame[; - f. 90: Christ on the cross with the Holy Women and the representatives of the Sanhedrin (accompanied by a floral and animal frame); - f. 92: Pentecost (accompanied by a floral and animal frame). Eight miniatures set in large initials: - f. 24 (the Visitation); - f. 31 (the Nativity); - f. 33 v° (the announcement to the shepherds); - f. 35 v° (the adoration of the Magi); - f. 37 v° (the presentation in the Temple); - f. 39 (the flight into Egypt); - f. 42 v° (the crowning of the Virgin); - f. 94 (the Assumption of the Virgin). ORNAMENTATION Numerous small lettering painted in red or blue and illuminated; a few line ends; volutes adorning certain letters in the first line of each page. PROVENANCE From the library of Rose Françoise Boissière, with a handwritten ex-libris on the front of the first leaf (repeated on f. 64): "Ce livros (?) sount a moi rose fançoiese (?) de boissiere veve a fu noble piere de fontrouge ansiens capitoul 24 setanbre 1681. Pierre (de) Fonrouge, who had married Rose Françoise (de) Boissière, had become capitoul of Toulouse in 1655. MISFACES Old staining having affected and faded the ink of the lines at the foot of about thirty leaves at the end of the volume.

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