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Jules renard (1864-1910).

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L. A. S., Paris, Dec. 8, 1908, to Marcel Ballot, 2 pp. in-8° Reply to the praise of the columnist of the Figaro (serial of Dec. 7, 1908): "I am pleased with your "Vie littéraire". My dedication was not flattery, and although I have already had marks of your sympathy, or because of them, I was not expecting your article (which I hoped for) without some nervousness. It is impossible to understand Ragotte better, and, may I say, I can believe that you love him"... He accepts her criticism at the end [of Histoires naturelles[ and yet "remains incorrigible": "I would like, for example, to find a respectful natural history on the exquisite figure of Mad. Marcel Ballot on the edge of a theatre box. There is a formula to be sought ..." Attached is a L. A. S. from his wife "Marinette" to Mme Alfred Natanson, Chaumot par Corbigny, 21 May [1904[, with post-scriptum a. ? s. from Jules Renard to Natanson: "Thank you, Prince. But why are you so kind to me, and so annoying to you? I know, too, that we are very happy with you at L'Humanité.

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