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Anatole FRANCE. Léontine ARMAN...

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11 L. A. S. [September-December 1909[ to Noël Charavay, 27 pp. of various sizes, 5 headings from Château Caillavet, addresses and envelopes Curious confidential correspondence to the bookseller and close friend of Anatole France, about the latter's affair with the actress Jeanne Brindeau. - Capian, September 29: "I no longer know what to do with this unfortunate dreamer who is incapable of working, irritable and violent, and poisoned, I fear, for ever. He who was the highest and purest glory of his country, here he is the laughing stock? - ..." October 5: "Our friend has started to work again and I hope that his genius will not have sunk completely in this deplorable adventure". It is not a question of a revival of youth but of "a senile madness provoked by practices to [which the author of the Red Lily had not abandoned himself until now]... [The "chosen one of his heart" possesses talents that the Academy crowns only behind closed doors and pays out on individual payments...]". She would have understood and forgiven "a discreet failure", but not "the coarseness, the brutality, the incredible cynicism which presided over it"... France was not prepared to renew the ties that Charavay had helped to break... He was aware of the ridicule and did everything to "flee from the enchantress" who was pursuing him... - Bordeaux, October 10. The derogatory remarks could not have been made by Pozzi, a devoted and discreet friend, and she knows that Brousson "had tried everything possible to stop the fatal affair" and that he had "separated from France on seeing him persist in his madness - ... "Capian, Wednesday [13 October]. She asks for details about the lady who claims to have been informed by Pozzi and shares what she has learned about the "rascal's" plan to marry France: "You make me smile when you tell me about her fiery temperament"]...["the lady has awakened sleeping senses by special resources and he has been charmed by it to his misfortune, for he came to us on the verge of apoplexy and on the way to spoiling - ... "Thursday [14 October]. She would like to have a denial of the marriage with the young lady published, and recommends consulting the publisher Georges Calmann Lévy who will be sensitive to the argument that France has not written a line in the month following his return, because he "is the glory and the great resource of the C.L. house - ... "Thursday [21 October]. The persecution of the newspapers continues, as evidenced by "the decomposed figure of our friend after the arrival of the postman" and her husband confirms the receipt of clippings and anonymous letters: "The black spots on the eyes were indeed extravasated blood corpuscles, that is to say, congestion, the result of amorous transports..." Hendaye October 24. According to his maid, "with whom our friend is more expansive", he would like the newspapers to deny the news: "He really seems to have escaped from the spell and speaks of his adventure with contempt - ... "Capian, November 9: "His eyesight remains blurred and he has infinite difficulty in getting back to work. Will he recover after such an ordeal that magnificent vigour of thought which was the admiration of all?"... [One does not indulge in such follies with impunity at his age - ... "December 4. Too unwell to accompany their friend to Paris, she counts on Noël's vigilance and friendship: "I hope that the danger is averted, at last keep an eye on it - ... "7 December. She deplores the fact that their friend does not show more revolt against his own conduct: "I am not even talking about his private turpitude, even though it was leading him to be a spoilsport. But his conduct publicly displayed with such cynicism and throwing ridicule on his name..."

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