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Marie Alexandre DUMAS (1831-1878),...

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L. A. S. "Marie Dumas ? [Paris 28 August 1847[ to her mother-in-law, Ida Dumas, 3 pp. and a half in-8°. Poignant request to come and live with Ida Dumas, her "very dear and beloved Mother". The life she leads is not tolerable..., she grieves at the demands of her father who wants her to live with him, "in his position! It is impossible for me to consent to it, I was hurt in the heart when I saw that he was not ashamed to put my hand in that of a woman of bad life"... His fatherly love should have brought this person out of Monte Cristo when she entered it.... "You are still willing to open your arms to me, and snatch me from a proven loss by leaving me longer in the hands of a father who does not consider the pain I have seeing you replaced by a lost woman!"... She is fond of her father, but would not consent to look upon his entourage of mistresses, thieves, and traitors, unless, of course, he would undertake to serve an annuity or pension to her mother: "You are still my angel..."

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