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ROUND SQUARE BOX, PARIS, 1819, ATTRIBUTED TO GIACOMO RAFFAELLI (1753-1836). Lid decorated with a micro-mosaic medallion, preserved under a curved glass, representing a dove and three pigeons on a basin. This decoration is a repetition of the Doves of Pliny drinking, after the ancient mosaic of the Hadrian villa, in Tivoli, and of the painting of Johann Wenzel Peter (1742-1829). Yellow gold mounting, inside lined with pink gold. Accidents to the glass, wear of the time, but good general condition. Hallmark : 3rd gold title, Paris, 1819. Hallmark of the master-goldsmith : illegible. H. : 3 cm - Diam. : 8,5 cm. Reference : the micro-mosaic can be attributed to Giacomo Raffaelli (1753-1836) and executed at the end of the 18th century. See one of these works with the same subject, signed "Giacomo Raffaelli" and dated "Roma 1793" reproduced in the book I mosaici minuti romani by Domenico Petochi, page 108 under the n° 29.

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