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Jacques de l'ANGE

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The Coronation of Thorns Canvas. 193 x 158 cm Provenance : Vente anonyme, Paris, Hôtel du George V, 12 mars 1974, n°19 bis, reproduit (école FRANCAISE du XVIIème siècle). This depiction of Christ during the Passion is the work of the Flemish artist Jacques de l'Ange, also known as the "Monogrammist JAD", as confirmed by Bernhard Schnackenburg. It can be compared with the Martyrdom of Saints Dinfna and Gerbert (see B. Schnackenburg, Jacques de l'Ange, ein flämischer Maler zwischen Jan Cossiers und Matthias Stom, zum Nachtstück in Antwerpen und Neapel um 1640 in Wallraf Richartz Jahrbuch, 2005, no. 5, reproduced fig. 18) from Munich. Here he follows in a line of Rubenian works, depicting a powerful nude from behind and quickly sketched figures in the background. The pastel colours of the figures in the background can also be compared with the Presentation of Christ to the People in the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin, a major work by the artist (see B. Schnackenburg, opus cit supra, 2005, no. 22, reproduced in fig. 13). The influence of Matthias Stom is clearly visible in this painting with the figure of Christ which is a repeat of Jesus and Pilate (138 x 115.5, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, see Schnackenburg, opus cit supra, 2005, reproduced fig.14).