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FURNITURE FURNITURE, furnishings... Lot of 26...

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FURNITURE] FURNITURE, furnishings... Lot of 26 catalogues of various periods and languages. Various formats, bound or stapled (several in poor condition). - Karel VYDRA - 2 catalogues of furniture for bedrooms or dining rooms. Years 40. - K. VEPREK - 2 catalogues of bedrooms or kitchens. Years 40]. - LEVITAN - 6 catalogues of furniture & decorations. - L D - Seats of ancient and modern art. (S.l., Phototypie L. Répin, s.d. 20th century]. In-4, Italian style, paperback, illustrated cover in color. - Alois WAECHTER, Master turner and artist-cutter - Illustr. Musterbuch von Alois Waechter, Drechslermeister und Kunst-Découpeur. Strassburg, W. Friedrich, 1903. - Société Anonyme D. K. - Leather for Furniture & Drapery. (Paris, Fortier et Marotte, s.d. [Beginning of XXth]). - ROETHLING & MEYER - Catalogue D of supplies for furniture, mouldings, veneer, etc. (Strasbourg, s.d.). Strasbourg, s.d. Early 20th century]. - William Goodacre & Sons Ltd. - arpettes Mourzouk Beersse Belgium. London, s.d. ca. 1920]. - 2 catalogues of Czech firms. - 4 catalogues of Dutch firms: Top Form, Jacob Klooster, Ahrend, W. Van Dam. - 3 German catalogues: Deutsche Werkstätten (1919), OTM-Tische, Julius Hackenjost. - ODELIN furnaces. Catalogue. Paris, s.d. ca.1907]. - John P. WHITE - Garden furniture and ornament. Bedford, s.d. Bedford, s.d. [ca. 1910].

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