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39 Reinlaxaen, Heliv, é Helsingfors....

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39 Reinlaxaen, Heliv, é Helsingfors. Kolchak, Sophia Feodorovna, née Omirova (1876-1956). Silver print, the photographer's signature in the lower right-hand corner. With a beautifully signed poetic autograph on the reverse. Written in English: translation in French: "You had never loved me so kindly, You had never loved me so blindly, Never met and never separated, We must never be heartbroken. In friendly remembrance of S. Kolchak... October 7th, 1916. Bears a handwritten mention from the hand of Alexander Rostislavovitch Kolchak, (grandson of the admiral, 1933-2019): "Sophia Feodorovna Kolchak (the admiral's fast) born Omirova. 21 x 14.5 cm...

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