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MAGRITTE (René). 5 signed autograph...

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MAGRITTE (René). 5 signed autograph letters (2 " René Magritte " and 3 " RM "), addressed to [André] Bormans, including 2 ILLUSTRATED LETTERS. 1960-1965 and n.d. BEAUTIFUL ARTISTIC CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESSING THE QUESTION OF THE CONCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION OF HIS WORKS. - S.l., [ca. May 1960]. René Magritte proposes some modifications to the preface written by his correspondent to the catalogue of a "probable exhibition": ".... I think you will also prefer to "... from a chair, he only remembers the thought he has of it...", "... from a chair, he only remembers the thought it can give..."... " - Brussels, November 17, 1960: " ... I will show you my last paintings (in draft form, as they will not be finished for a few months). There are in particular : THE JOUNDY, ICARE'S CHILDHOOD and THE ANGER OF THE GODs, which I think you'll be pleased to know... "Brussels, October 22, 1963. "Your letter reminds me of an idea: that of "reuniting" an image with its name (in a text with drawings published in the Surrealist Revolution). Since then, it is "to unite" that seems right to me. To reunite would force one to believe that things, after having been "united" would no longer be "united", that they would have been disunited. In short, to believe in something indifferent. It is "therefore", in "La Cascade", about the union of the forest and its image (in other paintings: a glass of water and an umbrella, etc.) This is indeed what happened, but if we are to talk about this painting, what it presupposes has to be defined in part. I have found nothing else to say but that it calls into question the thought capable of thinking (of uniting) the inner forest and the same distant forest. This kind of "contraction" takes place with night and day in "THE EMPIRE OF LIGHTS", and in other paintings... For a new painting (orange tree-leaves), Scut. [the Belgian surrealist poet LOUIS SCUTÉNAIRE] HAS FINDED A BEAUTIFUL TITLE: "LES PRINCES DE L'AUTOMNE" (which is the beginning of a precio

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