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GAUGUIN (Pau l). Autograph letter...

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GAUGUIN (Pau l). Autograph letter signed to Ambroise Vollard. [Hiva Oa], March 1902. 1 p. in-4 in-4. " ... At this date it misses one month of 350 f. Since I have been in the Marquesas, you have sent, August 350, Sept. 350, Nov. 350 f.+300... December 250 f.+1000 f. The error reported by Sharff [banker in Hamburg through whom Ambroise Vollard's payments were passed] is only a clerical error... There's nothing to take care of it. WHAT I AM WORRIED ABOUT IS THE CASE OF THE PAINTINGS. I am immediately sending orders to Papeete to see to it that the Company does what is necessary. Did you send the order to Marseilles to take the crate with the bill of lading I sent you? For it is, I believe, you or a correspondent who must take the crate which must have arrived in Marseilles in November by the liner. THOUGHT THOUGHT TO SEND ME MORE OF THE CANVASH because (calculate it yourself) one meter of this canvas makes two paintings. I finish in a hurry. Yours sincerely... "TO HIVA OA. In September 1901, the artist left Tahiti to settle on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Archipelago. From January to April 1902, he was very active there, painting more than thirty canvases which he sent to his art dealer Ambroise Vollard and his friend Georges-Daniel de Monfreid. In April 1902, he also put the final touches to the manuscript of his essay L'Esprit moderne et le catholicisme.

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