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VERLAINE (Pau l). Happiness. Paris,...

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VERLAINE (Pau l). Happiness. Paris, Léon Vanier, 1891. In-16, (8 of which the first 4 are white)-120-(2 white) pp., black morocco, spine ribbed, blue morocco lining in a threaded black morocco frame, gilt brocade endpapers, double endpapers, gilt edges on witnesses, covers preserved, bit and corners lightly rubbed, spine a little bit faded, fine scratch on the first plate (Marius Michel). ORIGINAL EDITION, one of the 55 copies on hollande, only large paper, justified by the publisher. The third part of the mystical triptych also includes Wisdom (1881) and Love (1888): the Christian impulses of the poems of Happiness express however from now on rather a nostalgia than a conviction. ENRICHED EXAMPLE OF A SELF-LETTER SIGNED BY PAUL VERLAINE to a lawyer of his friends, concerning the disputes between him and the publisher Albert Savine (Hôpital Broussais in Paris, 18 November 1891): ".... As for BONHEUR, which he has held for more than two years, and of which I fortunately had a copy, Mr. Vanier... had spoken to him about it before the publication of this work at his home, Vanier, without Mr. Savine formulating the slightest desire for opposition... "Paul Verlaine also evokes similar disputes with Albert Savine concerning his Dédicaces and Histoires comme ça collections. He had entered into relations with this publisher in the hope of signing better contracts with him than with Léon Vanier, and had undertaken to entrust him with the publication of several volumes, but they became blurred and the works in question finally appeared with Léon Vanier and then his successor, Albert Messein. Provenance: Louis Barthou (ex-libris, no. 902 of the catalogue of the second part of the auction sale of his library in Paris in 1935). - Marcel de Merre (ex-libris, n° 270 of the catalogue of the sale of his library in Paris in 2007).

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