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Young Boy, 1840s Circle of John...

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Young Boy, 1840s Circle of John Plumbe Jr (1809-1857) Sixth plate dagueereotype, 8,5x7 cm, “Plumbe' mark on copper preserver, gold retouche on eight buttons In a short period of time, Plumbe established a string of daguerreotype studios and galleries, all bearing his name. Visitors to the galleries could view photographic works, receive training, or pay to have their portrait taken. Images produced in the Plumbe studios were credited to "Plumbe," although the work was made by others, including his brother Richard Plumbe. "Each of his galleries was staffed by a host of operators, colorists, and artisans, and many notable daguerreotypists received their training or honed their skills in Plumbe's galleries, including Richard Carr, Marsena Cannon, Charles E. Johnson, Jacob Shew, Myron Shew, and William Shew.” (W.)

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