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LOUIS XVIII. Autograph manuscript....

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LOUIS XVIII. Autograph manuscript. 15 pp. 1/4 in-4 of a fine tight handwriting. Literary manuscript of Louis XVIII, for him extremely rare of this nature and this length. Allegorical novel where the characters are called "Courageous", "Beneficent", "Spiritual" where places are called "Happy Island", "Light Island", where heroes know wandering, where fairies rub shoulders with geniuses, where stories are intertwined, where a series of multiple twists and turns leads two men to recognize each other as father and son... WINGED ROYALTY WINGED ROYALTY SUNDAY 15 NO VEMBER 2020 SUNDAY 15 NO VEMBER 2020 16 17 "The Court of the Beneficent Genie expanded the asylum of all the unfortunates; It was such a need for him to fly to their aid that, not being entirely dependent on this object for the care of the Active Engineer, his minister, he often went himself to spend hours in a tower which he had built at the entrance to the main port of the Isle Paisible on which he reigned, and there he observed all the ships entering the port, so that he could more quickly bring the passengers the help they might need. One day when he was there with his minister, and the sea was big enough, they saw from afar a very small boat making an effort to enter the port, and soon they saw that this boat was mounted by two men dressed in extremely simple weapons... » Strange echo to a life in which Louis XVIII lost his kingdom twice, twice the recovered, and had to wander all over Europe before being restored to his throne. Literary temptation of the count of Provence. Before the revolutionary turmoil, the future... Louis XVIII was engaged in writing work by collaborating on the libretti of two lyrical works, with Étienne Morel de Chédeville, set to music by André Grétry: La Caravane du Caire (1784) and Panurge dans l'Isle des Lanternes (1785). Two political pamphlets with keys, in verse, were also att

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