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LOUIS XI. Letter signed "Loÿs"...

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LOUIS XI. Letter signed "Loÿs" (secretary), countersigned by his secretary Olivier Le Roux, addressed to the Duke of Milan Galeazzo-Maria Sforza. Orléans, "27 March". 1/2 p. in-8 oblong, address on the back, attachment from partially preserved paper on wax seal. Italian politics of Louis XI: the king, who had married an Princess of Savoy, continually sought to extend her influence in Italy. Abandoning the Angevin pretenders to the throne of Naples, he established close relations with Lorenzo the Medici in Florence, and especially with the Dukes of Milan, first Francesco Sforza, then the his son, Galeazzo-Maria, to whom he married his sister-in-law... Savoy maid. "« ... We are currently sending by devers vous noz amez et feaulx counsellors Gaston Du Leon, our chamberlain and senechal of Xaintonge, and master Jehan Phelippes, president of our accounts of Daulphine, ...whom we have asked to tell you from us no things. If you pray... that the willing to believe and add plain foy and creance to what you have. will tell us to leave. Meaning that if there's anything we can do to help you. ...for you, celebrate it with us and we'll do it with great pleasure... » First chamberlain to the dauphin Louis, future Louis XI, Gaston Du Lyon was an important man of war, notably victorious in his countryside of Catalonia, and was made seneschal of Saintonge... (1461), seneschal of Guyenne (1468), then seneschal of Toulouse (1469). He was several times in charge of diplomatic missions in the Duchy of Milan. Master of Accounts, Olivier Le Roux had the confidence of Louis XI. which employed him in important administrative and diplomatic. Provenance : Alfred Bovet collection (n° 4 of the published catalogue). in 1887 by Etienne Charavay).

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