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CHARLES VIII. Piece signed " Charles...

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CHARLES VIII. Piece signed " Charles ", countersigned on the flap by his secretary Jean Du Bois. Vercelli [Vercelli], September 19, 1495. 2/3 p. in oblong folio, remnant of seal on parchment attachment, antique restoration on the back. Very rare testimony of the first "Italian war", this "descent", in Italian "calata", which King Charles VIII drove to Naples to take possession of the inheritance of his Angevin ancestors who were pretenders to the thrones of Sicily and Jerusalem. The inscription of the present act reads "Charles by the grace of Royal God of France, Secille and Hyerusalem ". Reward to two heroes of the battle of Fornoue, Gian-Nicolò Trivulzio ("Nicolas de Trevoulse") and his father the condottiere Gian-Giacomo Trivulzio ("Jehan Jaques de Trevoulse"), future Marshal of France who commanded the vanguard at Fornoue. There took place on July 6, 1495 a battle that remained won over the troops of the League of Venice with a famous charge of cavalry whose impetuosity was evoked under the term "furia francese". Letters Patent granting an annual pension of 3000 pounds tournaments to Gian-Nicolò Trivulzio, so that he "may have de quoy greatly and honourably to maintain its state in our service and to support the despences that these cause to do It suits him... and in favour of the commendable services that he and his father have provided us. made during our trip to the conquest and recovery of our heritage. kingdom of Secille and my dearly beloved, on our return to the day of Fournoue, or they went very valiantly against noz enemies by exposing their people for our service... » Document countersigned by another fighter from Fornoue, Jean Du Bois: Master of Accounts then Comptroller General and Secretary of Finance of Charles VIII, brother-in-law of Thomas Bohier, he showed the valour in war and was knighted on the battlefiel

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