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Livres d’Art Tribal

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Set of 25 books plus exhibition catalogs, including: "Les Arts Indigènes en Nouvelle-Guinée" Stephen Chauvet, 352 pages, Paris-1930. “The African sculpture” Eliot Elisofon, 256 pages, Paris-1958. "Cahiers d'Art" n ° 2-3 of 1929. "Arts of the South Seas" Museum Of Modern Art New York, 199 pages, 1946. "Sudanese sculptures" F.-H. Lem, Arts et Métiers Graphiques, 110 pages from 1948. "Primitive arts in the studios of artists" Musée de l'Homme, Paris 1967. "The de Menil Collection" Museum of primitive Art, New York-1962. "Art of the Dogon tribes" Pierre Langlois, Brussels and Lille, 1954. "The Art of Black Africa and the Negro Era" High resolution photos : Delivery of lots without transport costs to PARIS (rue Drouot) or dispatch at the buyer's expense for all countries. € 50 - € 150 - CHF 54 - CHF

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