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COCTEAU, Jean. Autograph manuscript in pencil...

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COCTEAU, Jean. Autograph manuscript in pencil with ink corrections, entitled "Théâtre". 1 p. in-4. Interesting notes on theatre, his plays and Shakespeare. "Parade (renvoyer au coq) - Le Boeuf - with prologue read at the performance. Considerations on Romeo and Juliet, which he freely adapted in 1918 and had performed in 1924 at the Soirées de Paris of the Comte de Beaumont. "Some of the wonders of the sea wither as soon as you take them out of the water []. All that remains of Shakespeare's poetry is thin air and moonlight.... But while many of England's poets exist only in these reflections, Shakespeare also has a framework that is often difficult to see in our own country, hidden under garlands of dead flowers. It is the framework that I show...". Then on the back: "The Bride and Groom of the Eiffel Tower (preface)".

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