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CLAUDEL, Paul.- MARITAIN,Jacques.-...

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Pétrus Reunion
of a book and several autograph pieces.
Reunion of a work by Paul Claudel in original edition and several autograph letters and cards, most of them signed, by
Maritain, Huret, Scheikevitch and Borel.
- CLAUDEL, Paul. This hour which is between spring and summer. Paris, N.R.F., 1913.
Original edition, printed in 300 numbered copies on Arches laid paper (the n° 182), in-8 bound.
- MARITAIN, Jacques. Two autograph postcards addressed to
Maurice Sachs. Geneva, Sablé sur Sarthe, 1925. He describes the Abbey of
St-Pierre de Solesmes (Sarthe) to him: "It is a kind of bridge by which one is already in the heavenly Jerusalem, without leaving the earthly one. "SCHEIKEVITCH, Marie.
A signed autograph letter. S. l. n. d. 2 p. sur 1 f.
in-16 oblong. Letter of thanks on a mourning card, for the comforting words she received following the death of her father, "My misfortune is great and my pain is equal to it. I followed step by step the illness of my father whom I loved deeply. "
- HURET, Jules. Autograph letter signed to André Sylvain, about "two new boat companies: Atlas and Roland". S. l. n. d. 3 p. sur 1 double f.
in-12, envelope.
Enclosed: two business cards by Jules
Huret, with some handwritten notes.
- BOREL, Pétrus. Signed autograph letter in which he recommends "a young engraver". S. l. n. d., 1 p. sur 1 f. in-8.
Dusted covers and margins (for Claudel's work), rubbish dumps, a few stains, traces of folds, a few scattered stains (for the manuscripts).

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