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BERLIOZ Hector (1803-1869)

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L.A.S. "H. Berlioz", 4 rue de Calais July 12 [1857], to the music publisher Jakob Melchior RIETER-BIEDERMAN; 2 pages in-8. About the piano arrangement of Romeo and Juliet by Théodore Ritter. He regrets that Mr. Biedermann's poor health prevents him from coming to Baden next month, and hopes that he will come to Paris where he himself will be back on August 21. "If you came there before, do not fail to go and see Mr. Bennet, father of the young RITTER (he took this artist's name) Rue Pigalle No. 61. He will give you a large part of the manuscript of Romeo and Juliet. I believe that this young and already learned artist has made a masterpiece of arrangement. Everything will be for two hands only, very clear, as simple as possible and very playable. Two days ago, I gathered some excellent musicians at my house, Ritter played the first 5 pieces for them and everyone was struck by the admirable resemblance that exists in his work between the effects of the Piano and those of the orchestra. Ritter had already arranged the adagio of Romeo and Juliet, I made him simplify and correct it in several places, it is now an excellent piece"...

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