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KANDINSKY Wassily (1866-1944)

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L.S. "Kandinsky", Berlin-Südende 8 June 1933, to André de RIDDER; half page in-4 typewritten (adhesive mark on the upper edge); in French. To the editor-in-chief of Sélection, a chronicle of artistic life, of which issue 14 (July 1933) will be devoted to Kandinsky. He will send him the 200 Reichsmarks as soon as he has received the corrections. "Unfortunately it's impossible for me to buy the pictures! The financial conditions are difficult and my personal income has undergone an unpleasant change - I am forced to save money. I have spoken to Mr. Grohmann and asked him to hurry up with the corrections. In my opinion, it is very important to hurry up with the corrections. As for him, he will make the corrections in only one day"... He denies that he was the cause of the two-month delay of "Mr. W."'s notebook. Edward Wadsworth, no. 13, May 1933: "It would be of no consequence to make me carry the results of this delay"... 0/

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