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DEGAS Edgar (1834-1917)

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L.A.S. "Degas", Monday [January 1883, to Mrs. Albert BARTHOLOMÉ]; 2 pages in-8. He cancels for Wednesday, because "something surprising" has happened. A wealthy painter, Henry LEROLLE, invited him to dinner. He has just bought "a small painting of horses of me at DURAND-RUEL [Before the race] and he has written to me in admiration (Saint-Simon style), wants to feast me with his friends and although most of the legs of the horses in his good painting (mine) are rather badly placed, I have a good mind, in my modesty, to let myself be considered a little at the table. Just this once, dear Madam, let me get drunk with the perfumes of glory, on the other side of the water, behind the Invalides [...] If nothing manages to get me drunk, even the wine", he will come to see her at the end of the evening...

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