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BOURDELLE Émile-Antoine (1861-...

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L.A.S. "Bourdelle", Paris April 24, 1897, to his friend and patron, Jean de MARIGNY; 6 pages in-8. He expresses at length his condolences for the death in childbirth of Mrs Gabriel Depeyre, sister-in-law of Mrs de Marigny. "I had the embarrassment of showing my deep emotion at this sad news, because I often have to veil my impression under a distance a mask of worldly reserve. Here I could not and in spite of myself in front of the horrible truth I discover a little of this soul that it is better to steal from the eyes" . He delivers reflections on pain, the disappearance of happiness, the fragility of human life... "Men and peoples, we are going to stagger. Matter is against the spirit, egoism against the heart! Blessed are only those who know how to suffer without bitterness, we must put a good face to all pain. The only happiness, above all attacks, be it divine or human, is goodness, benevolence for everything and everyone, the smiling acceptance of life with all its consequences" . If they were alone, they would travel together in the land of beauty, "the great and courageous Greece"... This thought gives rise to bitter reflections on the ongoing Greek-Turkish war: it incriminates greed and "Ottoman values that swell hearts instead of pity". Christian our Europe let's go! Christian our ruling caste! Come on then - the Church is the Stock Exchange! Ordinary Mass, spirits of low beasts enjoying themselves, without distinction, without heartless ideals. There is nothing but foolish vanity and guts in this heavy bundle of Europe"...

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