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BERNARD Emile (1868-1941)

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<br/>L.A.S. "E. Bernard", Samedi, to a friend [Mme Marie DUCHATEAU]; 2 pages in-4, woodcut vignette.<br/>Beautiful letter with a decorative vignette.<br/>He relentlessly pursues all his work - his Ronsard, his<br/>Baudelaire and his paintings with "Armène" [his mistress Armen Ohanian] - but his cards remind him of memories of Dieppe 30 years ago; he recommends Arques, whose church is a marvel. "Fortunately, we still have castles and sacred places in France. Your name was dedicated to the former and your faith to the latter. Moreover, you know how to discover the spirit of things so well that, wherever you go, your imagination will provide you with sensations and feelings. You are the happy ones of the earth who live, that is to say, see and hear.<br/>I have seen very well, through the squares of your paper, this solitude, the beach, the sea, the cliffs, the hollow paths lined with moss. Since you are truly nestled in the greenery, I am not surprised that you live with the Fauvettes"... It is charming to read his book on Egypt [Le Parnasse oriental, 1903], but the Imitation of J.-C. or a "bitter-style meditation by François de Sales" or<br/>Ernest Hello would have been more appropriate... He wished him "a salutary bath of solitude and thought. Your great and passionate soul can only re-soak in the presence of these two beneficial factors, too much ignored by our stupid backward progressives"...

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