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ORFÈVRE DUPONCHEL - SOLID SILVER TEA AND COFFEE SET IN THE OTTOMAN STYLE 19th C. Solid silver tea/coffee service in the Ottoman style, including a coffee pot, a teapot, a creamer and a covered sugar bowl, a silver hot-water jug, and a samovar with its burner on a silver-plated metal tripod. Each piece is entirely acid-etched with oriental motifs on an amati background, and the body is encircled by four fillets. The interior of the sugar bowl and milk jug is lightly vermeiled. Dimensions : - SAMOVAR: height 45 cm - Coffee pot: height 26 cm Materials : Solid silver (5 pieces) and silver-plated metal for the samovar. Marked: Minerve 1st title Period: circa 1865 These five pieces bear the monogram "L L" from FAMILLE LAZARD.

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