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The bronze figure of a standing knight is mounted...

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The bronze figure of a standing knight is mounted on a high rectangular pedestal made of black natural stone (marble or serpentine). The knight is depicted with a mace and a shield in his hands. A heraldic bear is depicted on the shield, and on the chain mail, on the chest, there is a Maltese cross. Without specifying the author of the model and the caster. Bronze, casting, two-color patination, embossing (partially). In excellent condition, no loss. Western Europe. Around 1900, the height of the figure of a warrior is 38.3 cm. The pedestal: height -20.0 cm, length - 26.6 cm; width - 15.6 cm. Width: 15.6cm, Height: 58cm, Depth: 1cm, Weight: 5kg, Condition: Excellent, Material: Bronze, ID: 8086

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