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Silver and gilded glass holder of a cylindrical...

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Silver and gilded glass holder of a cylindrical shape in the neo-Russian style, with a high arched handle and a saucer for resting your finger. Decorated with bright festoons of a floral motif on a soft blue cloisonné enamel background. Highlighted with pearl belts over cobalt blue and a floral green base. Petersburg. Last quarter of the 19th century. 88 standard silver. Personal mark of the manufacturer, supplier of the Grand Ducal House of Lyubavin. Height: 15.5 cm. Weight: 225 g. Width: 11cm, Height: 9.5cm, Depth: 8.5cm, Weight: 0.225kg, Condition: Good, with traces of use, Material: Silver 88, Cloisonné enamel, Gilding, ID: 8493

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