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Miniature stone cutting Dog-clown. Depicts a rose...

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1200 EUR

Miniature stone cutting Dog-clown. Depicts a rose quartz dog sitting on a pedestal, wearing a clown cap and a frill, made of a chrysaprase-like mineral with lapis lazuli. The muzzle, with pointed ears, is somewhat unfolded and depicts attention. The eyes are made of labradorite. The circus curbstone is made of pink granite and decorated with kohalong mosaics of Afghan lapis lazuli and green jasper. Total weight: 300 gr. Rose quartz. The eyes are labradorite. Frill is a mineral similar to chrysaprase, lapis lazuli. Stand - pink granite, mosaic - kohalong, Afghan lapis lazuli, green jasper. Width: 6cm, Height: 11.5cm, Depth: 8cm, Weight: 0.3kg, Condition: New, Material: , ID: 5008

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