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Porcelaine de Paris

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Pair of Vases with Bouquets, Paris Porcelain Manufacture France Circa 1880 Porcelain Designer’s mark AS on the base Height: 58 cm (22,8 in.); Diameter : 27 cm (10,62 in.) Beautiful pair of baluster-shaped vases in white porcelain, richly decorated on all four sides with beautiful polychrome floral compositions framed by gilded porcelain handles from which bunches of flowers fall. The necks and feet of these vases are embellished with floral wreaths. Porcelaine de Paris Since the discovery of kaolin, needed material for the making of porcelain, porcelain factories also called porcelain manufactures are on the increase in all France and naturally in Paris. Most of those manufactures worked in the 18th century under the protection of a member of the Royal family, such the comte de Provence, future Louis XVIII, who protected the Clignancourt manufacture. But during the 18th and 19th century, numerous pieces did bear no making mark. It was then almost imposssible to attribute them to any particular Parisian factory, hence the expression “Paris porcelain” or “Vieux Paris” including all those various productions. Bibliography - Faïence et Porcelaine de Paris XVIIIe-XIXe siècles, Régine de Plinval de Guillebon, Editions Faton, 1995 - La Porcelaine Française, Claude Dauguet et Dorothée Guilleme – Brulon, Editions Ch. Massin

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