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Henri Rapin et Charles Hairon

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A beautiful salon designed by Henri Rapin and Charles Hairon for the hôtel particulier of Doctor Jean d'Herbécourt, which has remained in the family ever since. The furniture is almost theatrical, with seats reminiscent of thrones, and is very probably a unique work. It follows the set commissioned in 1908/1909 by Dr. D'Herbécourt from Henri Bellery-Desfontaines (1867-1909). This consisted of a fireplace, a china cabinet, a sideboard, a table with twelve chairs and a chandelier, including four large paintings by Henri Martin, wood panelling and a door with stained glass by Henri Rapin (this dining room is reconstructed at the Musée Départemental de l'Oise in Beauvais). After Bellery-Desfontaines's death, Rapin naturally went on to furnish the Paris hotel. Painter, illustrator and decorator, artistic advisor to Sèvres, he designed the reception room and a dining room for the French Embassy at the 1925 Decorative Arts Exhibition. Born in Paris on February 24, 1873, and died in the same city on June 30, 1939, he was a French painter, illustrator and decorator. A pupil of Jean Léon Gérôme and Eugène Grasset, he was close to Bellery-Desfontaines and gradually moved towards the decorative arts, designing art nouveau furniture (for Dumas Barbedienne, among others), which evolved into art deco from 1910 onwards. He was also artistic advisor to the Manufacture de Sévres in the 1920s. Dimensions (in cm) Armchairs: Height max. : 102, width : 59, depth : 60 | Sofa : Height max. 110, length 200, depth 90

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