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All Moves, 2019, Acrylic, oil marker on canvas, 102 × 102 × 5 cm. A concentration of energies, Rime's style is made up of colors, movements and light sources, to which the artist adds his own vocabulary of cartoonish creatures, symbols and details.Largely inspired by the world of cartoons, Rime's (a.k.a Jersey Joe) style combines energetic use of color with a multitude of details and ever-moving forms. In his unrestrained compositions, he deploys a controlled violence in the mastery of his gesture and the variations he applies to the thickness of his line or his brushstrokes. He adds a whole personal vocabulary of animal symbols and characters from his imagination, which he places on the canvas like hieroglyphics or stylized writing. His two-dimensional works seem to emerge from the wall, as much through the movement of the lines and shapes that structure them as through the sources of light he brings to life in his compositions. Overflowing with details, characters and symbols, each canvas regularly allows the eye to detect fragments of unsuspected stories. Like a well-known song whose meaning suddenly appears, Rime's works can be viewed and tamed over time. "Behind every line, every mark, there's a form of energy in my painting that remains perceptible, even unconsciously. This is what I strive to create. I've spent a lot of time here in Paris during this period of confinement: trying to rediscover a sense of well-being, overcoming the problems and burdens of the past, learning to be a little more respectful towards life... When I succeed, it shows in my work." Born in 1979 in Brooklyn, NYC, Rime (aka Jersey Joe) took up graffiti in 1991 on Staten Island, NYC, then in Manhattan's Soho and New Jersey neighborhoods. In 2003, he toured Europe for two months, gaining international recognition under the pseudonyms Rime and Jersey Joe. On his return, he began showing his work in galleries. In 2005, he left the East Coast to settle in Los Angeles. He joined the MSK - Mad Society Kings - crew, made up of artists such as Reyes, Revok, Saber, Pose, Trav and The Seventh Letter artists' collective. Since 2021, he has lived and worked in Vernon, Eure.Rime took up a residency at Galerie Wallworks in Paris in July 2019 for six months to prepare a Paris exhibition. This residency has been extended by Covid until January 2021. "RIME has an almost unprecedented fluency and knowledge of the entire vocabulary of graffiti art lettering styles. He can paint pieces in virtually every style from the 50-year history of graffiti: these always seem new, refer to nothing known and are always his own. Playful and peopled with characters, RIME's work is full of color and movement, and - from the simple to the complex, from the soft to the extreme - he is one of the few who can truly do everything in graffiti. (...) RIME's new studio works are a concentrate of dynamism, showcasing the brushstrokes and loops he has taken care to perfect in street graffiti. They combine his aerosol painting skills with incredible muscle memory and mastery of gesture. His trademark cartoonish characters emerge from his brushstrokes, often reduced to eyes or noses. Like all graffiti artists, the colors of his outdoor pieces are made up of whatever's in the bag he's taken to the field that day, resulting in spontaneous works often made up of dozens of colors. In the studio, the choice is smaller, and his canvases feature a few well-chosen colors that respond brilliantly to each other."- Caleb Neelon, "Beyond the Streets, Vandalism as Contemporary Art", 2019

Galerie Wallworks
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