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Untitled (Gare de l'Est), 2022, spray ink and marker on enameled Paris metro plaque, 37 x 210 cm Customized street furniture and graffitied, reinterpreted public transport objects invaded the basement space of the Wallworks gallery for the unusual exhibition "ESPACE PUBLIC EN SOUS-SOL". Access is via a staircase lined with tags and graffiti. Whether they've been hunted down or recently acquired at the RATP sale, the artists have taken hold of all kinds of urban and public transport elements: telephone booths, traffic lights, street lamps, enamelled street signs, iron curtains, letterboxes, Paris, Moscow and New York subway signs, bus stop cow heads, road and rail signposts, SNCF washbasins, RATP seats and other car parts... Seven blank pieces presented at the opening - including the emblematic yellow plastic M, enamelled plates and a metro door - are destined to be customized by new artists and finalized in future artistic performances.36 American, European, South Asian and Russian artists from the graffiti and urban art movements give new life to all these everyday objects in a large, colorful graffiti bazaar. This new group show follows in the footsteps of Claude Kunetz's previous group shows featuring some fifty street artists - "Ne Pas Effacer" (2012), "Intérieur Rue" (2013), "Pièces détachées" (2014), "Morceaux de rue" (2015) and "Dehors Dedans" (2016). Adapting the know-how of his original profession as a film producer to exhibition mounting, he hunts down vintage street furniture and entrusts it to artists for customization. Recently acquired at the RATP auction in aid of Recueil Social, the emblematic yellow plastic M - backlit by neon lights - and enamelled iron metro nameplates, as well as the circular "A Kiko" seats - initially conceived, according to their designers and creators, as "resistant to burns, scratches, graffiti (sic) and mechanical stress" - are presented as they are at the opening. They will then be entrusted to new artists who will customize them, giving them the finishing touches in artistic performances held throughout the exhibition. Alongside some older pieces from previous exhibitions, two large enamelled plaques bearing the names of the Trocadéro and Strasbourg Saint-Denis stations, by COLORZ and PSYCKOZE respectively, complete this collection of public transport and street furniture elements, all freely and artistically reinterpreted.

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