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2000 EUR

Gasediel Park 102 x 70 cm Concrete, plaster and acrylic on Kadhi paper. Unique work sold with certificate of authenticity. KI GALERIE encourages the emergence of young artists and the talents of tomorrow. Collectors from all over the world place their trust in the Paris-based gallery. Gasediel is a French artist who is nevertheless influenced by the cultures of Brazil, where she lived for 8 years, and the UK, where she spent 5 years. Her inspiration comes directly from themes linked to wild graffiti, very present in Brazil with pixação, the remains of torn illegal posters associated with the natural wear and tear of time. His attraction to things that have a life of their own, to imbalances and breaks, leads him to see a certain form of poetry on the city's forgotten walls. In the impermanence of these settings, she captures and focuses our gaze on what we see as an offence against order, good taste and visual aggression. She invites us to recognize and feel the artistic and poetic richness of the signs drawn, pasted or painted on the walls, transformed by the ineluctable passage of time. The constancy of Gasediel's work, an uneven surface. By coating them with a thin layer of concrete, she seeks to recreate the roughness and porosity of these damaged surfaces. These asperities trigger the unexpected in her trompe l'oeil painting, without collage.

Ki Galerie
127, rue Jeanne d’arc
75013 Paris
Tel. +33 6 33 19 93 43