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Jean Wallis

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Jean Wallis The quintet at the Splendid 73 x 92 cm Oil on canvas Unique work by French painter Jean Wallis (1938 - 2020) Sold with certificate of authenticity. The painting of Jean Wallis (1938-2020) is imbued with an apparent lightness in the gaiety and innocence he portrays in his depictions of festive places and gatherings. But a more discerning eye understands that his playful, colorful canvases reveal a much sharper, more incisive view of our society than is apparent. With his mischievous, modern and offbeat paintings, Jean Wallis offers a caustic and uncompromising analysis of the world in which he lives and the world of society. His work can be found in private collections around the world.

Ki Galerie
127, rue Jeanne d’arc
75013 Paris
Tel. +33 6 33 19 93 43