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Louis Majorelle (1859-1926)

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Tea table - Mobilier Art Nouveau Louis Majorelle (1859 - 1926) Carved mahogany and gilt bronze furniture. Date: created for the 1900 Universal Exhibition Dimensions: height: 82 cm, length: 90 cm, depth: 59 cm. Condition: good. Louis Majorelle (1859 - 1926) A large molded mahogany tea table, featuring a rectangular bowl-shaped top decorated with carved flowering rushes and a curved-cut crotch shelf with exotic wood inlaid decoration of water lilies and floral motifs. They stand on a curved ribbed base joined by an arch and a spacer bar. Chased ormolu side handles with butomées in relief. Signed "L.Majorelle Nancy". Bibliography: Nicolas Chaudun, "Majorelle, Un art de vivre Moderne" Edition Ville de Nancy 2009 Similar model reproduced plate number 28. Alastair Duncan, "Louis Majorelle Master of art nouveau design" Edition ABRAMS New York. Similar model reproduced on pages 79, 168, 208. Édition Serpenoise, Roselyne Bouvier, la bibliothèque des arts, 1991, page 73 and 191

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