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Théo Le Franc

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700 EUR

Marine background 54 x 64 cm Oil, acrylic, pigments, charcoal on canvas Unique work by artist THEO LE FRANC. Sold with certificate of authenticity. KI GALERIE encourages the emergence of young artists and the talents of tomorrow. Collectors from all over the world place their trust in this Parisian gallery. A precocious artist, Théo Le Franc has been working with and learning from experienced artists for almost 10 years. His work symbolizes the strong and pervasive interdependence between Man and Earth, and questions the place of our bodies and their fragility. Black and white dominate the canvases, emphasizing movement and oscillation; like a ballet, a choreography, these bodies unite and disunite, levitating. His figurative paintings go beyond the representation of the body envelope, because inside, everything is activated by the slightest movement.

Ki Galerie
127, rue Jeanne d’arc
75013 Paris
Tel. +33 6 33 19 93 43